Photo on 5-29-12 at 11.32 AM #3Vivien Sansour is a life style writer, producer, and photographer. She has been capturing the stories of Palestinian farmers for the wider world. Trained in the field of Anthropology Vivien worked with farmers in Honduras, Uruguay, and Palestine on issues relating to agriculture and independence. In the last three years while living with Producer communities in the Northern West Bank villages she created a series of producer and village profiles published in her book, “Insisting on Life: A Community at Work” which was developed for Canaan Fair Trade. In these 36 profiles of people and communities she wrote about agricultural practices and how they relate to cultural traditions providing an ethnographic overview of rural life in Palestine. She has produced several short films and one feature film, “The People and the Olive” which received high acclaim from critics including the Boston Globe’s Loren King who called the film, “An inspirational thriller.” The People and The Olive was the official selection for several film festivals including, Chicago International Social Change film festival and the Unspoken Human Rights film festival.

Vivien has been a contributing writer and photographer for several publications and magazines including Organic Processing Magazine, Specialty Food, Huffington Post, BBC World Service, Fair World Project, This Week in Palestine, and Danish Fair Trade Magazine among others. In 2011, she won the Fair Trade photo contest for the Fair Trade Resource Network in the United States for her photo Aida. 
Vivien was Life and Culture Specialist at The Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) prior to joining Canaan Fair Trade as the Promotions and Media Manager.  Currently, she is Communications Specialist at the Institute for Middle East Understanding. 
 Her most recent work, Terrain: Palestinian Agri-Resistance, a collection of landscape and portrait images, was exhibited in Washington D.C. Vivien has both a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Theatre Arts, and an M.A. in International Studies with a focus in Anthropology from East Carolina University. She has been honored by several organizations for her community contributions including her recent role in helping the farmers of the village of Nus Ijbail renovate and create a producers cooperative center. Most recently, Vivien designed and taught her own class, Agri-Cultural Palestine at Bard College- Al-Quds program Campus in Camps. 

TO CONTACT VIVIEN: vivien.sansour@gmail.com


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